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Blessed weekend with whānau

You all know how I feel about whānau, my immediate family and friends.

No one should go 3 months without physical contact with people you love and adore. Kia kaha Aotearoa we need to unite so these precious moments of seeing each other causes more hauora problems like mental health...... it's a real thing whānau. I'm reminded by this Bible verse. Matthew 18:1-5

Sometimes we need to ground ourselves and enjoy time and love.

All through the Bible it talks about love or the fruits of the spirits.

Love you all no mater what you do, no judgement here, I'm just thankful to be here to enjoy the live from whānau, no amount of pain was stopping this Māori boy to hug and play with my Nieces and nephews, it was the best weekend ever, and I would do it all over again in a heart beat. Thank you for making this weekend possible my sisters Ngareta, Lee, Haley and my brothers Tj, MO and of cause my parents, my cousins, Aunty Lorz and Uncle Ray, Aunty Josie and my nephews and nieces. A huge mihi to Koro Tata and my Strickland whānau for always being so supportive of our whānau love you all a million

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