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I am vaccinated so don't judge me

Tuned into the livestream to hear my bros sermon today. This method has been the normal for Churches throughout the country. That's why I'm counting my blessings that I'm in a city that's restrictions are based on safety. My other status after hearing today's sermon is that there are bigger battles too fight and to cause a scene about. Loved his sermon, loved the way he explained it. Too the point.

Then I thought about our kuia and koro again they had been fighting for the right to recognise our reo. And today we reap the rewards they fort for. And then I think about one thing I can do to honor that fight, and that's to learn the language. Then I look at Christianity or missionaries that came and brought the word of God but in doing so thought that the word of God wasn't enough and started to preach with a different agenda on the table which was being pressured upon them by the royal officials of the Queen.

Then now our kuia and koro fort for unity among the mission of God and the alignment of this to Te Ao Māori.

I'm talking about Te Kooti and the Ringatū movement then later in history Tuhoe prophet Rua Kenana , Wiremu Ratana and the Ratana movement, Te Ua Haumene and the Pai Marire movement, so our mindsets from having that negative out look on Christianity was changed it was hard, and it still is today, even in the Seventh-day Adventist church.

So if I was to choose a battle And choose one wisely it wouldn't be freedom to roam our blessed and God given country because government were idiots in not following tikanga about the major effects of COVID.

If I or any other of my vaccinated whānau get sick or die I am and I will blame you the unvaccinated people roaming our country because You think you can play the God card.

Kao, kao, kao

It's not about freedom rights, and pull out the Te Tiriti document to suit you, kao that's more whakaiti than what the Govt is doing.

There are bigger battles to fight.

Who will stand up for me if my day of worship the sabbath was taken from me. Who would help fight that battle.......

And this blame game, trying to get Brownie points for your nothing party is so ridiculous.

Yup I've been getting keyboard warriors PM, I said to them to write it on my page or spring clean your closet.

I'm looking forward to having another Christmas as a whānau, I'm waiting to see my sis and her whānau in Hamilton, I'm waiting to celebrate my birthday next year.

Why because it might be the last.

So lap up every day and every moment you can.

Like it's going to be your last.

This week was draining, and so rewarding, the medical professionals are always going over and above. Now if COVID came to Rotorua. I wouldn't be a priority anymore, and I would have to suffer in pain, at home.

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