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Morena, my Bible verse for the day

I've been loving writing my blogs, it's quite a blessing actually.

My life is focused on 3 principles.

#1 Ko au - being thankful to wake up, live for today, continue to check myself in positivity, and aroha.

#2 Ko taku whānau - To me whānau is every single person I know, or I have built a relationship with over the years. They are that toka, that keeps you grounded, they are the ones that tell you the truth even when it's hard conversations, they are the ones that sit next to your beside in the hospital at 2am, while their whānau are at home trying to sleep but they are worried about you

Whānau are a major blessing in my life, they are the people that make me who I am today.

#3 Ko toku Whakapono - My faith is my safe place, a place that strengthens my mental and spiritual well-being. It guides my heart of acceptance of what is to come. It's that sence of hope when times are tough. Faith is my well-being it mounds me into the MAN I am today.

Blessed to be a blessing


Uncle Iwi

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