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New Doctor that thinks your lying being in pain of 8 to 9

The face in this picture tells a story. A story that is narrated by the creator. It only takes one person to say you can't be a 8 or 9 pain like that.

No one likes pain, and no one likes to be in hospital but the only time I go to hospital is by referral or by the grace of God that you go in cause your sick.

I always wondered how our whānau are treated when they don't know their rights in the Health sector.

Yes this particular doctor, whom I've never met before comes and consults about my condition, and says she has consulted with the on call Neurologist in Waikato and we don't know why you are being treated with A to Z.

3 hours latter still no pain relief, she says she wants to keep me in for observations, I said no, I'm calling my Neurologist and haemotogist and I will get them to deal with you.

So I discharged myself.

Then I heard another whānaunga had the same problem with a doctor but they didn't know what to do.

See I was blessed to have worked in the Health sector for many years, my advice to anyone is to read that poster in the waiting room, it's a code of rights you have about getting quality care whole in hospital. It only takes one person to make a situation tarnish the works of others. I hate hospitals, it's the last place I want to be, but when your sick and sore, you have to let go of you pride and your superheroe mentality and go. And if you feel that your care isn't up to standards then report.

The doctor I questioned was to lazy to read my notes so my Neurologist said, and he has had a few words with that particular doctor in Waikato about the misdiagnosis based on practitioners being to lazy and getting people through ED because You can.

So whānau I give thanks all the time for our Health Professionals that are so good at their jobs, it just takes one broken, tired, egg in a collective to paint a picture differently about going to hospital.

I got the treatment I needed thanks to my specialist, and I continue this rongoā journey, taking it one day, one step at a time.

Ngā mihi ki a tātou katoa.

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