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Serving our Community

I have been blessed to have served our community since Primary School, I would take every opportunity to serve and be apart of a wider community doing good.

From donating blood, to can foods, cleaning the urupa, even participating in Tellethons, 40hr Famines to walking in a 24 hour Cancer Support.

I have been given another opportunity to give back to our community and to be apart of a wider network of professionals.

Community work has been in my life for a very long time. My parents and grandparents all supported community events and projects.

For the past 10 years my whānau and I have self funded Share the Cheer and we love it. It's a opportunity for our kids to learn the reason for the season isn't just gifts but the greatest life skill is aroha.

I'm so thankful our kids never ask for anything, and they never go without anything aswell. People say we spoil our kids, I don't think we do, everything they have assess to is a investment for their futures, to me its sucession planning when I'm old and son is a All Black his but will be looking after me.

The kids show so much courtesy and empathy for anyone that don't have the same access as them.

Growing up we wernt rich, but we always had what we needed.

Being bullied as a kid not only by my peers, a few teachers were up there. As kids we didn't know any better.

Some kids these days, they are too knowledgeable and call 111 or oranga tamariki, because they desered the growling for being that bully.

I'm definitely healed from those scars of humiliation by teachers. It's giving me purpose to open my view to help other kids that go through this. There are teachers that are generally there for our kids and 1 or 2 that are not.

So we pray for peace and understanding.

So community serve isn't just a thing that happens, it's starts from somewhere, and for me it started from a seed that was sowed by my tupuna, and now that's the same seed I'm sowing into my nephews and nieces whom I love so much.

I celebrated this year with all my babies in Auckland, including my Strickland nephews and nieces cause the kids needed to know they were supported during this rongoā journey.

I must say thank you to my brothers and sisters, for allowing me be apart of creating a special moment.

Like I said previously the kids know what is going on with this uncle. So they need to be supported through this process.

Blessed to be a blessing.

Aroha ki a tātou kātoa

Nā Iwi

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